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Moving Company with Local Office in Milwaukee, WI

Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Established in 1846 by French Canadian explorer Solomon Juneau, the city’s population continued to increase exponentially until Chicago mobsters, including Al Capone, moved in during the Prohibition Era. In the late 1960s, Milwaukee’s population was 636,212; now, the population is just over 600,000, with more people moving to the area each year for its affordable housing costs.

When most people hear Wisconsin, they think of cheese and rightfully so. Wisconsin has been making cheese since the 1800s in order to not waste excess milk. One hundred years passed and the state was home to over 1,500 cheese factories, producing over 500 million pounds of cheese per year and making the state the largest American cheese producer – a title that no state has yet to beat.

If it is one thing that Milwaukee is famous for other than cheese, it’s German beer. In the 1850s, German settlers set up breweries across the city. By 1856, there were over 24 breweries in Milwaukee and the majority of them were German owned and operated. There was a point in time when Milwaukee was home to four of the world’s largest breweries named Schlitz, Blatz, Pabst, and Miller. Today, the only major brewery that remains is Miller.

What mixes well with cheese and beer? Music! Touted as the world’s largest music festival, Milwaukee is home to Summerfest. Located on the shores of Lake Michigan each year, Summerfest features over 800 acts across all genres of music. When Milwaukee movers are asked what the best thing to do in the city is, the answer is typically not to miss this 11 day event that is held in late June and early July.

Living in Milwaukee is like living in the days of Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley – at least, these two shows were centered on Milwaukee living and used the local breweries as backdrops. When you are ready to move to the town that Fonzie called home, Graebel Van Lines® is happy to help. Graebel Van Lines® offers the finest moving experience so that you don’t have to worry about anything but happy days ahead.

Our professional team of Milwaukee movers are ready to pack your belongings straight from your closet, disassemble your furniture, digitally log and track your shipment, and then completely setup your new home or office upon arrival – for a full-service move to Milwaukee that leaves you stress-free.

The Milwaukee movers at Graebel Van Lines® not only complete residential moves, but also corporate moves to Wisconsin – so no matter how large your move may seem, our moving logistics professionals are fully equipped to make it simple.

Is your business or residence moving to Milwaukee, WI from overseas? Graebel Van Lines® works with packing, crating, and coordinating with Customs in order to make sure that your belongings arrive secured and without a scratch.

Contact our Milwaukee office today to receive a free in-home or in-office estimate.

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