Moving Educational Institutions & Facilities

In order to maintain the most effective learning environment when completing updates, renovations, and new building constructions on campus of an educational institution, enlisting in help from professional workspace solutions can alleviate any disruptions. Graebel Van Lines® has been completing major educational moves and partial moves, as well as providing warehousing for educational institutions for over 65 years. Our professional team of movers will coordinate with the institution’s staff in order to ensure that proper project management and logistics coordination is carried through with the utmost efficiency.

The process of moving educational institutions and facilities relies heavily on schedules and proper planning. The expert moving logistics professionals at Graebel Van Lines® make sure that your educational move is always on task and in coordination with time-critical construction and renovation schedules.

Part of the moving process for schools includes moving administrative functions as seamlessly as possible, as to not disrupt the daily functions of the institution. Our school moving coordinators will work with administrators and office assistants in order to make sure that all equipment is properly moved and then reassembled in a timely fashion. Services include, but are not limited to: disassembly and reassembly of furniture and equipment, complete disconnect and installations of equipment and laboratories, as well as cleaning services to make your construction or renovation complete and ready for classes to begin.

Since educational facilities house an extensive amount of sensitive, financial and personal information on all employees and students, Graebel Van Lines® makes sure that all of our staff are aware of IT security and software best practices for moving your educational facility’s network without leaving it open to compromise.

Regardless of whether you need project management and coordination from workspace solutions experts for a completely new facility, the addition of a new campus building, or for a building or floor renovation, our team are experts at moving educational facilities and can make it as simple as possible.

If your school or educational facility is planning a construction or renovation, the best time to do so is during the holidays. Moving an educational facility during the holiday season, while students are typically off campus or not attending school, is the opportune time to make the move seamless and eliminate classroom disruptions.

For more information on moving educational facilities, contact Graebel Van Lines® workspace solutions professionals at 877-488-3575.