Moving an IT Server Room or Office

Since the creation of the World Wide Web in 1990, technology has grown at an exponential rate. With the capabilities of smartphones, tablets, and other forms of the ‘Internet of Things’, the world is becoming connected everywhere.

Information Technology (IT) is an application of computers and other telecommunication equipment that stores, retrieves, transmits, and manipulates data. While IT is commonly used as a synonym for computers and their networks, IT is generally technology that includes computer hardware and software, electronics, semiconductors, telecom equipment, and computer services.

A computer server is a computer with a software that accepts requests from clients. Typical computer servers are: file, mail, print, web, gaming, application, and database servers. A server room is a temperature controlled room devoted to the operation of several computer servers. An entire building that is dedicated to this process is called a data center.

Depending on the size of the IT office that needs to be moved, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

IT Data Center Moving Plan

Research reputable IT data center movers in your area. Since moving an IT server room is such a niche profession, ensure that your company is actually contacting moving companies that specialize in moving IT data centers. Request that IT movers come to your facility to give a visual inspection of the server room or IT office, before providing you with an estimate of the moving costs. If the IT mover cannot come and give you a visual inspection and physical estimate, then they are not a professional IT mover.

Moving costs for IT offices vary depending on the amount of IT equipment being moved, the services and moving options your company selects, the timeframe of the move, and where the equipment is being moved to. All of these items should be addressed with your IT moving expert.

Some of the IT moving services that Graebel Van Lines can provide are:

  • De-installation of IT equipment
  • Proper disconnection and reconnection of IT servers
  • Assembly of IT server room

Hiring an IT Server Room Moving Company

After you have contacted several IT moving companies, it is time to compare the moving quotes and choose an IT mover. Consult each IT moving specialist to ensure that your company understands exactly what is and is not included in your moving quote. This is the time to ask any final questions and to ask for a moving timeline for your move.

Some tips for hiring an IT mover:

  • Read EVERYTHING on your quote. Be clear on how much the quote is and if there are any additional or hidden fees. Some moving companies will provide you with an ‘estimate’ and not a ‘moving quote’ – while they may sound similar they are very different. A moving estimate gives your company a rough projection on how much your IT moving service should be, but may not include fuel surcharges, mileage, additional time, etc. A moving quote should be an all-inclusive quote of your IT move – meaning that the price you are quoted is EXACTLY what you will be paying.

At Graebel Van Lines we provide our customers with IT moving quotes that feature an all-inclusive price and no hidden cost. As an IT moving company, we understand that moving an IT server room is stressful enough, and the last thing you need is unexpected additional costs associated with your move.

Our IT moving experts can come to your office and provide you with an exact quote for your moving cost, after we have completed a thorough visual inspection of the items being moved. Your IT moving professional will go through your moving quote in detail to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed.

Call Graebel Van Lines today to learn more about out IT moving services and how our professional movers can help you move your IT database today!